ICE Dept. Monthly News - April 2018


ICE's monthly news from March 2018 to April 2018.

Research and External Activities


  1. [Accepted] Eunmin Choi (1st author), Ji-Woong Choi (corresponding author), “Compatibility Analysis of the Turbo Controller Area Network (TURBO CAN),” IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IF 4.06

  2. [Accepted] Sungmin Han (1st author), Ji-Woong Choi (corresponding author), "Performance Analysis on DPSK Modulation Employing Symbol Repetition and Interleaving," International Journal of Communication Systems (SCIE), IF 1.06 

External Activities

  1. 3/7, Hyuk-Jun Kwon, POSTECH, “Laser process for the next generation electronics”
  2. 3/14, Ji-Woong Choi, IITP 지능형 반도체 과제 기획회의
  3. 4/17, Hyunjong Lee, Jihwan Choi,  IEEE WCNC poster session , "Performance Enhancement by Using Successive Interference Cancellation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles"
  4. Ji-Woong Choi, Invited Talk, 2018 국내외 자동차 전장 최신 기술 세미나