Notice for submission of thesis proposal and evaluation


Dear ICE students,


As Academic Calendar(Spring semester of 2019 academic year), thesis proposal submission and estimation schedule will be proceed as below.

(Please refer only to the relevant students.)


1. Whom

 1) M.S. degree course: within 3rd semester of M.S. student 

 2) Ph.D.(integrated) degree course: Students in Doctoral & Integrated Courses: Who passed the qualifying examination / Must submit the proposal within the 7th registered semester


2. Submit thesis proposal

 1) submit proposal: -2019.08.09(Fri)

 2) submit documents:

  - Thesis proposal(attachment file Form1 - submit to ICE office)

  - Thesis contents and plan(free-form - submit by e-mail(

  - Request for Assignment of Co-Advisor in the Same dept. (attachment file Form2 - submit to ICE office)


3. Evaluation and submit the result

 1) evaluation period: 2019.08.12(Mon) ~ 2019.08.23(Fri)

 2) submit deadline: -2019.08.23(Fri) 13:00, to ICE office

 3) submit documents 

  - Appointment of Thesis Evaluation Committee(attachment file Form3 - submit by e-mail(  *without signiture)

  - Result Report of Thesis Proposal Evaluation(attachment file Form4 - submit to ICE office)

  - Thesis proposal review results (attachment file Form5 - submit by e-mail(


4. Notes : If you submit Thesis Proposal and Evaluation result before deadline, you can submit it earlier prescribed period.


If you have more questions, please email me. (


Best Regards,