Submission of Thesis Proposal & Evaluation Schedule, Spring 2021


<Submission of Thesis Proposal>

1. Completion of Thesis Proposal & Assignment of Co-Advisor

  A. Degree-specific deadline

   1) M.S. : within 3rd registered semester

   2) Ph.D : within 7th registered semester after passing the QE

   3) Integrated MS-PhD, Combined UG-G : within 9th registered semester after passing the QE

   * (Combined UG-G) within 1st registered semester to be awarded Master's degree

  B. Required documents

   1) Thesis Proposal (Form 1 + Outline and Proposal of Thesis (There is no fixed form.) )    

   2) Request for Assignment of Co-Advisor in the Same dept. (Form 2)

    * If you need to assign a Co-Advisor in the same department, you have to submit Form 2. 

  C. Deadline : ~8.6(Fri.) submit Form 1, 2 to ICE dept. office and the outline and proposal of thesis to thesis evalutation committee


2.  Review of Thesis Proposal

  A. Appointment of Thesis Evaluation Committee Members & Review : ~6pm. 8/19(Thu) 

  B. Required documents

   1) Appointment of Thesis Evaluation Committee Members (Form 3)

     *  M.S. : 3 members (The committee chair must be the academic advisor) / Ph.D. : 5 members (The committee chair can be any member except for academic advisor)

   2) Review Results (Form 4)

   3) 2021-2 Thesis Proposal Evaluation Status (Form 5)

  C. Deadline : ~1pm. 8.20(Fri) submit Form 3, 5 by email ( and Form 4 must be submitted by one of the committee members.


If you have any question, feel free to contact me(Minkyeong Jang(6301,

and please sumbit the required documents within the deadline.