333, Techno jungang-daero, Hyeonpung-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea, 42988

TEL: 053-785-6301~4

FAX: 053-785-6309



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From downtown of Daegu

By shuttle bus

  • DGIST operates shuttle bus for visitors. Visitors can take a shuttle bus departs from several stations of Daegu subway. Please refer to the shuttle bus timetable on Campus Life-Shuttle Bus page of this site. (Visitors can take a shuttle bus for commuters, although it is classified as shuttle for commuters.)

By city bus

  • Take bus No.600(간선 600) or No.655(간선 655) → get off at Hyeonpung bus terminal(현풍터미널) → take bus Dalseong 8(달성 8) or Dalseong 8-1(달성 8-1) → get off at DGIST
    ※ You can find route information of above bus lines on Daegu Bus Line Guide( Route page).

From airport

  • Take limousine No.6016 at Incehon Int'l Airport → get off at Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal(서울남부버스터미널) → take a bus heading for Hyeonpung Bus Terminal(현풍시외버스터미널) → take bus Dalseong 8(달성 8) or Dalseong 8-1(달성 8-1) at Hyeonpung Bus Terminal → get off at DGIST 
    ※ Fare & Estimated time of this route
Route Fare Estimated time
Incehon Int'l Airport →
Nambu Bus Terminal
10,000KRW 1h 40min.
Nambu Bus Terminal →
Hyeonpung Bus Terminal
18,600KRW 3h 40min.
Hyeonpung Bus Terminal
Dalseong 8 1,100KRW Dalseong 8 20min.
Dalseong 8-1 1,100KRW Dalseong 8-1 25min.