Welcome Message


Our department was established in March 2010 with the goal of improving the quality of life for mankind through technological innovation with world-class ICT convergence research and education. Our department has grown both quantitatively and qualitatively over the past 10 years since the establishment, producing world-class innovative research results and outstanding researchers with master's and doctoral degrees. Based on the achievements of the past 10 years, we have prepared for the next 100 years in the light of the vision: Excellence in Research, Education for Global Leadership, Commercializable Research, Student-Centered Education. We have set a concrete action plan, and all members of the department have been working hard to realize this vision. As a result, we are currently leading cutting-edge convergence research and education based on artificial intelligence, computer science, and electrical and electronic engineering.


Our department has a unique culture suitable for convergence research and education; research projects conducted jointly by laboratories in various research fields are highly encouraged, a joint advisor system is operated so that our students can effectively conduct new convergence research, and events such as Student Conference and Happy Hour are held every year to promote communication between students and faculty. Additionally, we strive to broaden the academic horizons of our students through close human exchanges and joint research with the world’s leading research and educational institutions. As the department chair, I strive to establish a healthy and reasonable organizational culture to enable organic collaboration among our department members: World-class faculty, Outstanding students with a strong commitment to high academic achievement, and Staff providing the best administrative services. I believe that such a culture is the stepping stone for our high-potential students to grow into world-class researchers.


Our department is young and therefore very dynamic and flexible. Our department is already known as a new hub for world-class ICT education and convergence research, and I am confident that our department will grow further by working together with the excellent current members and prospective members under our organizational culture.


Kyung-Joon Park

Department Chair of EECS, DGIST